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Like me on Facebook ->… ! :3
Follow my drawing and gaming Stream! I stream every day!


I'm glad you visited my page, come again! :3

Like my works? Feel free to comission me! I'm fast and will make just about anything, just ask and we'll see what i can do! :)

I am open for all job offers, full-time and part time!

:iconcommissionsopen: :iconrequestsopen: :icontradesopen:
Want a digital painting about your OC or favourite fancharacter? I paint characters, designs and much more, and what's the best: the prices aren't too high! I paint humans, equines, furrys, fantasy, casual life... About anything, just ask!

Commissions and Requests Are Open!


Aka you pay me to draw something for you. I will start working on your commission immediately and it will take max 1-2 weeks of time (propably 1-3 days, but it's better not to promise too much.) I will draw anything; fan art, OC's, fantasy art, charater designs.... You name it! If you take a look at my Gallery, you'll get an idea what my style is like, and what kind of pictures I'm used to draw. I draw human-like characters and equines the best, but sure I can try new things!

I will take payment via Paypal, or bank transfer (for Finns, I'm not sure how it works internationally?) I don't do Point commissions. I take the payment beforehand or give you a sketch to see, and after that you can pay and I paint your picture ready. I draw my pictures using digital media, so you will recieve a digital-made PNG file in your email as result. I usually show a work-in-progress picture, so you, the commissioner, can tell if it's okay, before I finish it. :)

Prices & Examples

The prices are in Euros, so they will be a bit more in USD's. The prices here are not precise, the final price depends of the complexity of the picture (e.g. a lineart of a little bunny won't cost as much as lineart of 5 charates figting in a forest). The prices depend on the amount of hours I use. Tell me your idea, and I will tell you what the final price will be.

Sketch/lineart: ~10€ (One caracter)
Species sheet by Meraldina Lovers line by Meraldina

Simple coloured picture: 15€+
Red Shoes by Meraldina Rescue Rabbit by Meraldina High Priestess of Prophecy Orica by Meraldina

A full-coloured digital painting: 20€+
Shi En Orica by Meraldina Request: Luca by Meraldina At the Shrine by Meraldina The Pink Bane of Existence by Meraldina Stardust Dragon Princess by Meraldina Archenemies by Meraldina


Contact me by sending me a Note here in dA, or send me email to For questions send me note, email, or contact me at my Facebook page:…

Let's commission, everyone! :D


Feel free to request me to draw something. I will fullfill the requests in random order, drawing the ones I am most interested in first. Time it takes can also vary, once again depending on my schedule and amount of interest. I propably won't draw all the requests I'm gonna get, but asking is free, isn't it?

Requests from:
- Nakawife:…
- destiny-the-bunny: Lineart:…


Darina by Meraldina
Painting I did as a practise in livestream. Follow me:

Other artist's works used as reference.

It was fun to draw something in completely different style ^___^
Skeleton Rider 3D
Better quality:

Skeleton Rider I made for fun and to have something in my portfolio :3 Made with Bleder, I don't know how many polygons, but this is highpoly. I haven't done textures yet, but maybe later.

Hope you like it :3

Yes, I do 3D commissions cheap, contact me! (Ponies, objects, your OC's.... you name it.)

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If you like please look more my works on my website:
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